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    Super Sonic Blog

    How to Prevent Sports Related Injuries Through Physical Training.

    If you are a badminton player, you may be familiar with the term “tennis elbow.” Tennis elbow is characterized by pain in the elbow joint from over usage of the arm muscles. You might also be familiar with ankle sprains, shin splints, and even knee pain and you may have experienced one or two of these painful injuries yourself while playing badminton.

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    High school badminton packages for starter and varsity players

    Hello Badminton Enthusiast! 

    The team at Badminton Direct has put together an ALL-INCLUSIVE package for players ranging from the starting level, all the way up to the more advanced level. Are you unsure which package you should go with?

    Here are some guidelines:

    • New to the game? Start with a light weight racket. Light rackets allow a player to learn how to swing and maneuver with control. Players who seek even more control can go with a higher model in the $175 all-inclusive package.

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    Tips for boosting fitness performance

    Are You Looking to Boost Your Badminton Game Right Now?

    At Badminton Direct, we don't just promote badminton sports gear; we also emphasize the importance of health and wellness education. After all, badminton isn't just a regular sport, it is a social sport that can help you stay active, be part of a community, and cultivate strong friendships. Badminton is a lifestyle

    What you do outside the court, is equally important as what you do inside the badminton court.

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    How to select a badminton racket / racquet

    How to select a badminton racket / racquet

    Here at Badmintondirect.com, we understand that selecting a badminton racket can be intimidating when there are thousands of selections. So how do you know which racket suits you best? Here are some questions you can ask yourself to narrow down your selection:  

    1. Am I a beginner player or an elite player?
    2. Am I looking for more power or control from the racket for my singles and/or doubles play?

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