Yonex Astrox Nextage Badminton Racket (Black/Green)

Yonex Astrox Nextage Badminton Racket (Black/Green)


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Yonex Astrox Nextage Badminton Racket (Black/Green)

ASTROX NEXTAGE is designed in a muted colorway consisting of a black base with dark green accents, finished off with a matte finish, creating a luxurious and chic aesthetic. For more details on this one-of-a-kind racquet ask your local retailers and stringers.

The Yonex Astrox Nextage Badminton Racket (Black/Green) offers an aerodynamic design and medium flex for powerful smashes. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to maneuver on the court. Upgrade your game with this high-performing, easy-to-use racket.

Steep Attack
Overwhelm the opposition with the fast and powerful ASTROX. For players who demand a steep angled and devastating smash, taking the point to their opponent.

By applying the counterbalance theory, weight is distributed throughout the grip end, frame top and the joint for maximum control. The transition to the next shot can be performed smoothly, with rapid succession.

New Grommet Pattern
Single pass grommet holes for reduced string stress, maximizing performance.

Utilizing high quality NAMD graphite throughout the frame produces more flex with a faster snapback, unleashing dramatic steep power.

*Stringing above the manufacturer's recommended tension can compromise the integrity strength of the racket frame. Therefore, will void the manufacturer's limited warranty.*

Flex: Medium
Frame: HM Graphite, VDM, Tungsten
Shaft: Graphite, NANOMESH NEO
Joint: Built-in T-Joint
Length: 10 mm longer
Weight / Grip: 4UG5 (Average 83g)
Stringing Advice: 4U: 20 - 28 lbs
Recommended String Control Players:  BG66 ULTIMAX
Hard Hitters:  BG80
Color(s) Black / Green
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