2024 Yonex Pro 6-Piece Badminton Bag BAG92426 (Black/Silver)

2024 Yonex Pro 6-Piece Badminton Bag BAG92426 (Black/Silver)


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2024 Yonex Pro 6-Piece Badminton Bag BAG92426 (Black/Silver)

The 92426 EX Pro Bag is a 6-racket bag indicating it has two large pockets that can be designated for up to three rackets each.  Strap clips allow for lateral rotation for better comfort for a greater variety of people. 

Besides the two racket pockets there are also two other pockets, one for accessories and another for shoes.  While the shoe pocket is separate from one of the racket compartments, when full, it does occupy space in the racket compartment limiting that compartment to carrying other medium to large accessories such as water bottles, change of clothes, towels, to name a few.

Color: Black/SIlver
Size: 30.7x10.24x13in. (78x26x33cm)
Pockets: 2 Large Compartments for Rackets
1 Shoe Compartment
1 Accessory compartment
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