Yonex NanoFlare 800 LT Badminton Racket

Yonex NanoFlare 800 LT Badminton Racket


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A lighter version of the ever popular Nanoflare 800.  This racket is extremely light and very easy to use.  Maximum control in a very light racket. A head-light racquet designed for incredible speed to support aggressive play and rapid-fire rallies.  It has a razon frame that reduces air resistance up to 11.5% from all angles, increasing swing and shuttle speed.  This racket is the perfect choice for players who want a fast swing speed at the front of the court. Dominate the court through absolute control!

NANOMETRIC* improves the bonding strength between the carbon fibres enabling us to take racquet shaft construction to another level. By reducing the amount of carbon in the shaft to make it 60%* thinner than a conventional racquet whilst retaining stiffness, Yonex has created a revolutionary lightweight racquet with lightening head speed and control.

*NANOMETRIC is the new material which applies the NANOALLOYTM Technology of Toray Industries, Inc.

Solid Feel Core
The built-in solid feel core cuts harmful miscellaneous vibration at impact. Solid feel core is carried in all racquets manufactured in Japan.

Flex: Stiff
Frame: HM Graphite + M40X + HMG 
Shaft: HM Graphite 
Weight / Grip Size: 5UG5
Stringing Advice: 5U. 19 - 27 lbs.
Color: Black / Ice Blue
Made in Japan

*Stringing above the manufacturer's recommended tension can compromise the integrity strength of the racket frame. Therefore, will void the manufacturer's limited warranty.* 

BadmintonDirect.com is an authorized dealer for Yonex Badminton, and all Yonex rackets come with a 1 year warranty against defects, if you encounter any issues during this period please email us at support@badmintondirect.com and we will be happy to assist you.

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